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Garc’a checks his feetRodrigo García (1964) writes for the stage in what he refers to as "dramatically incorrect works . . .that are the result of a formal research of materials to be used in performance." He is a reader of Celine, Heinner Müller, Handke, and Thomas Bernhard; he is also interested in visual artists who incorporate verbal language in their installations, such as Bruce Nauman and Jenny Holzer, and in poets such as Larkin and Auden. García is an enthusiast not only of the visual arts but of boxing and gastronomy, all of which form topics that occasionally appear in his writing and staging. He currently lives in Madrid, where he has been director of La Carniceria Teatro (The Butcher Theater) company since 1989.

García's works have been translated into a variety of languages and have been performed by different theater companies in Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Argentina, and Chile. He initially worked as a butcher in the shantytown suburb of Buenos Aires. He includes himself in the first of two great categories of madmen: "Those who become artists to overcome poverty, squalor, and brutality; and those who become artists to annoy their parents."