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This quiz is solely concerned with those plays generally accepted as having been written by Shakespeare. In each case, one or more answer might be correct - or none.


1. Which of the following phrases appear in Shakespeare?

        a. The Holy Bible
        b. The Holy Ghost
        c. Ten Thousand Dollars

2. Which of the following words appear in Shakespeare?

        a. Sick
        b. Trash
        c. Swine

3. Which of the following plays were written by Shakespeare?

        a. King Edward II
        b. Cardenio
        c. Love's Labour's Won

4. In The Merchant of Venice, which character is 'The Merchant'?

        a. Shylock
        b. Bassanio
        c. Antonio

5. In which play does the phrase "A stage, where every man must play a part" appear?

        a. The Merchant of Venice
        b. Coriolanus
        c. As You Like It

6. Which play is set partly in Cyprus?

        a. Antony and Cleopatra
        b. Othello
        c. The Tempest

7. Which play includes the characters Elbow, Froth and Mistress Overdone?

        a. King Henry IV, Part 2
        b. The Taming of the Shrew
        c. Measure for Measure

8. Which of the following words were apparently first used by Shakespeare?

        a. Barefaced
        b. Leapfrog
        c. Obscene

9. Which of the following phrases were apparently invented by Shakespeare?

        a. Play fast and loose
        b. The be-all and end-all
        c. Many a mickle makes a muckle

10. Which of the following idiomatic phrases were apparently invented by Shakespeare?

        a. Backing a horse
        b. Fronting a deal
        c. Sidling away from danger

11. When Hamlet was first produced at The Globe, Richard Burbage played the title role. Which part did Shakespeare play?

        a. Polonius
        b. Ophelia
        c. The Ghost of Hamlet's father

12. The first custom-built theatre in England was constructed in 1576. What was its name?

        a. The Globe
        b. The Curtain
        c. The Theatre

13. In his long epitaph, the playwright Ben Jonson referred to Shakespeare as:

        a. Sweet Swan of Avon
        b. Sweet Lark of London
        c. Sweet Bird of Youth

14. The dying and embittered playwright Richard Green, parodying a line from King Henry VI, referred to Shakespeare as:

        a. A "Tiger's heart, wrapt in a Player's hide"
        b. A "Writer's heart, wrapped in a Tiger's hide"
        c. "Something rotten in the state of England"

15. The Head of State of which country has been reported as claiming that Shakespeare was his compatriot?

       a. The United States
       b. Libya
       c. Papua New Guinea

1998 Quiz composed by Peter Noel for The Barcelona Review

ANSWERS? Yes, please, my brain acheth.

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