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International Review


mid-june to mid-august 1999

C  o  n  t  e  n   t  s

-short fiction

Two Stories
by G.K. Wuori


Slide Show
by Matt Marinovich

Here Swims a Most Majestic Vision
by Jason DeBoer

My Father...The Train
by Donna Lee

When Interviewing Characters
by Roger Aplon


Steve Aylett (two poems)


Grooves, Camouflage, and the Conspiracy of Whiteness
by Barbara F. Lefcowitz


Magnus Mills
by Marcia Morgado

- book reviews

Nude in Tub
by G.K. Wuori

Gardens in the Dunes
by Leslie Marmon Silko

The Sacred Willow
by Duong Van Mai Elliott (non fiction)

Lie in the Dark
by Dan Fesperman

by John Gist

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back issues

Two year's worth of short fiction, plays & interviews from such diverse talents as Douglas Coupland, Irvine Welsh, Pinckney Benedict, Scott Heim, A.M. Homes, Alan Warner, Poppy Z. Brite, Laura Hird, Elissa Wald, Jason Starr, Brian Evenson and new kids on the Net like William Cuthbertson, Aimee Krajewski, Jean Kusina, David Alexander, Lenny T and Victor Saunders. Essays include a look at bookcovers from the author's viewpoint and a year in the life of Barcelona.

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A fish gun, a possible Steve Aylett invention, on display in Barceloneta, May 1999.

Welcome to issue 13 which kicks off the start of the BR’s third year. This time round we have two short, short stories by U.S. writer G.K. Wuori, whose collection Nude in Tub - set in Quillifarkeag, Maine, jokingly referred to as "a U.S. protectorate tucked like a bug between the buttocks of Quebec on one side and New Brunswick on the other" - is a must read for all lovers of the quirky and the offbeat. Also from the U.S. we have short fiction by new writers Matt Marinovich, who offers a young brother’s wry and telling commentary on viewing a slide show ("automated" for your own viewing pleasure); Jason DeBoer, who, one night in Katmandu, had the inspiration to write a story consisting only of words from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, "drawing on certain themes of Nietzsche, Sade and Bataille," which, amazingly, he manages to transform into an engaging story in its own right; and American poet Roger Aplon, who, while sitting in his present home in Barcelona, had the inspiration to interview "characters" after reading Felipe Alfau’s story from Locos in the last issue of the BR. Last of all, from New Zealand, we have a poignant and deftly told story by Donna Lee - somewhat more traditional, but, as with all good fiction, with a definite edge of its own.
     In poetry we have two original pieces by U.K’s Steve Aylett, author of the popular cult novel Slaughtermatic. [For a taste of his prose, catch our next issue.] And Barbara Lefcowitz (U.S.) offers a stimulating essay entitled "Grooves, Camouflage, and the Conspiracy of Whiteness" in which she juxtaposes three seemingly disparate ideas in an attempt to work out their interconnections. This issue’s interview is with the U.K.’s Magnus Mills, whom Marcia Morgado met up with while he was here in Barcelona for the Spanish publication of The Restraint of Beasts, nominated for the 1998 Booker Prize.

Other news: Uncle Petros and Goldbach’s Conjecture by Greek author Apostolos Doxiades (see review) will finally be available in English though it won’t make this summer’s reading list. Faber and Faber in the U.K. and Bloomsbury U.S. will bring out the novel in March 2000, so there’s one good read you can count on for the millennium. We’ll keep you posted. And: the Nabokov Quiz we issue for sure!

We’re also pleased to announce that with this issue thanks to Eva-Marie Toussaint we have a French page, where you can find a choice selection of fiction in French translation.

Thanks to all of our past contributors over the past two years - all content available in our Back Issues - and to our many readers. Keep your comments coming.

See you next around mid-August. Be sure to subscribe to receive a brief update of when new issues are available: just send us an e-m@il with "Subscribe" or "Qué Pasa" in the Subject Box.

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Jill Adams, editor

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EmmaWelcome to new punk on the block Emma.
Stork crashed into Sara and George's life last week. Dad George was the Webmaster and host for the Barcelona Review in the early days and we hope his hands aren't now so full that he forgets about our ailing Mac!
Loads of love and best wishes to you both from the BR.

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