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Greetings from The Barcelona Review, the Web's first multi-lingual review of international, contemporary cutting-edge fiction.  Founded in April 1997, TBR is actually three separate reviews —English, Spanish and Catalan —with occasional translations from one language to another. Original texts of other languages are presented along with English and Spanish translations as available.

Who are we and why another review? We're a small group of mixed nationalities who have come together over love of Barcelona, our home, and literature, our passion. Most of us working on the review are directly or indirectly involved with the publishing business or with teaching literature. We read for a living and we read a lot. The idea for the review came about from a desire to present, and in many cases introduce, our favorite authors to as large an audience as possible; especially authors well known within their own country or region, but not necessarily internationally.

Our common interest in writing lies somewhere in left field, if not at times completely out of the ball park, which isn't to say we don't have our favorite mainstream authors as well, but a perfectly crafted short story that lacks a unique vitality doesn't cut it. We like good, powerful, potent stuff that immediately commands attention, shows stylistic and imaginative distinction, and is literarily sound. That criteria includes Poppy Z. Brite along with Rupert Thomson; everything from cyberpunk to ultra-postmodern. In short, we are committed to publishing the very best material available in a wide variety of styles and techniques. New and emerging writers are presented along with known names. We also have articles, essays, interviews, literary quizzes and book reviews from our staff and a variety of contributors. All content is unique to the Net.

On the lay-out side TBR is browser friendly, with no hidden 'buttons' that have to be opened before you can proceed; the written word is the mind bender here not the plug-ins attached to the browser.

We encourage you to download and print out material, but before doing so be sure to read the conditions of use. We have worked hard to respect the authors' rights and expect our readers to do the same.

Our most common FAQ concerns submissions: We contact many authors ourselves, but also accept short fiction submissions. Please read our full guidelines concerning submissions before sending any material.

If you would like to be informed of future issues, the easiest way is to LIKE us on FB and we will notify you when a new issue is available. You can also e-mail us. Just write 'Subscribe' or '¿Qué pasa?' for Subject and leave the message part blank. For any other comments/questions, use a different Subject title.

We appreciate your feedback, so keep in touch.

Warm regards,

Jill Adams, editor

©opyright and ©onditions of Use

All the material in The Barcelona Review is copyright and therefore owned by someone, usually the author. This means the owner of the rights and The Barcelona Review have come to some sort of an agreement. For you, the user end, this will always mean you can download material and store it digitally for private use only, even print paper copies for private use only, but that is all. No other rights are granted. You cannot edit material in any way, print it out for sale or sell digital copies. Nor can you put it on a website or charge others to visit our site.

A book doesn't need to spell out legal rules in full nor shall we, as it is quite simple and logical: using any of this material beyond the terms stated above is the same as theft, and that usually means the law, in some form, will be on your tail. Also remember that abuse of sites, like The Barcelona Review, will lead to repercussions which will only be to everybody's loss. Respect the artist. Respect the © sign.

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