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Greetings all. In this issue of TBR we have a nicely diverse line up: one of Spain’s leading, contemporary writers, Javier Marías, has a recently released collection of stories in English translation (When I Was Mortal, Harvill Press, U.K.) and we’re happy to offer a selection from the book. For those of you who would like to know what’s happening in the literature of Spain today, this serves as a good intro. We also have two short fiction pieces from Ireland, which I discovered on a recent trip to that country: one by Ian Wild, one of this year’s winners of Ireland’s Fish Short Story Prize; and the other by a prisoner, known as Gotzy, in Dublin’s Mountjoy Prison, which I found in a collection edited by Marsha Hunt called The Junk Yard. New writers this issue are Greg Chandler and Alice Mullen from the U.S., both of whom impressed us with their submissions. Ireland’s Fish Short Story Prize, by the way, is open to English-language writers everywhere; it offers £1,000 to the overall winner and the selection of winners (18 this year) make up the print collection. For submission guidelines and entry fees,click here.

In Issue 13 we published an essay by Barbara Lefcowitz - "Grooves, Camouflage, and The Conspiracy of Whiteness" - one of a series of triads in which the author juxtaposes three seemingly disparate objects or ideas and tries to work out their interconnections. We had much favorable response and so it is with pleasure this issue that we publish another of her triads.

The winner of our Nabokov Quiz last issue is John Dennis Larken from Charlottesville, Virginia, where he is an undergraduate student at The University of Virginia (major undecided, but probably not English, as "literature is just a hobby"). John chose The Garland Companion to Vladimir Nabokov as his free book of choice. We had three correct entries out of the many received, our book winner being picked by draw. The other two winners are Kelvin Lu, an economics major at The University of Chicago where he studies poetry on the side; and Luc Mortier, a translator from Gent, Belgium. Many thanks to all of the Nabokophiles who participated. Answers to the quiz can be found by clicking here. This issue we offer a Beckett Quiz to mark the 10th anniversary of his death, Dec. 22nd. As always, the winner will receive a free book of choice.

Be sure to check out our Book Reviews and browse our Back Issues where all of our past content is available. May we suggest another top writer  from Spain if you missed her from Issue 12 - Nuria Amat ("Summer House"); and from Issue 2, one of Spain’s most interesting performance poets, Rodrigo García ("Spanish Butcher").

Our next issue will be out around the first of January. Be sure to e-m@il us if you’d like to be notified when new issues are available.


Jill Adams, editor

For more information about the BR, conditions, etc. please see BR info. For submission information please read our guidelines. If you would like to be informed when  new issues are available, you can subscribe - all for free - by sending a blank e-m@il to the BR with "Subscribe" or  "¿Qué pasa?" in the  Subject box and leave the message part blank. Your name will not be used for any other purpose.  For any other comments/questions, use a different Subject title.

Note: The Barcelona Review tries to give credit, normally in the title of a picture (put mouse over image) to any original photo that we manipulate if we know the original source. 

short fiction

The Woman Who Swallowed
The Book of Kells

Ian Wild

Gotzy's Story

Ghost of
Sharon Tate

Greg Chandler


Alice Mullen

from Spain:
Fewer Scruples
     Javier Marías

Swans, Tricksters,
The Letter 'S'
Barbara Lefcowitz

win a book
Samuel Beckett

Answers to last issue's Nabokov quiz

Book Reviews

When I Was Mortal
by Javier Marías

XCITÍES, New French Writing,

ed. Georgia de Chamberet

by Matthew Stokoe

The Junk Yard, Voices From
an Irish Prison

ed. Marsha Hunt

From The Bering Strait: Winners of Ireland’s Fish Short Story Prize,
ed. Clem Cairns

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Two year's worth of short fiction, plays & interviews from such diverse talents as Douglas Coupland, Irvine Welsh, Pinckney Benedict, Scott Heim, A.M. Homes, Alan Warner, Poppy Z. Brite, Laura Hird, Elissa Wald, Jason Starr, Brian Evenson and new kids on the Net like William Cuthbertson, Aimee Krajewski, Jean Kusina, David Alexander, Lenny T and Victor Saunders. Essays include a look at bookcovers from the author's viewpoint and a year in the life of Barcelona.

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