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issue 25
July - August 2001

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The Barcelona Review: Now it's Summer I could be happy or in distress...\

Welcome to TBR’s summer line-up. We kick off our fifth year with a short story by England’s Bill Broady, about an on-the-dole slacker in Bradford (the site recently, sad to say, of the worst racial rioting in England since the 1980s); it’s a funny piece, original, and gives a good definition of that great English word "slag." We’re also delighted to present a telling story by another English writer, Atima Srivastava, set in the London borough of Hackney (which is East London, E8; hence the title) during the gentrification of that area during the 1980s.

From the U.S. Joan Wilking offers an impressive piece deftly portraying two female characters on an excursion in Italy. And from Spain we have a short piece by Mercedes Abad, translated by Graham Thomson. Mercedes is well known here in Spain and has just won a major literary prize. We’re happy to present the first ever English translation of her work. Local publishers Documenta Balear just brought out a Catalan translation of U.S. writer Pinckney Benedict's collection The Wrecking Yard, now sadly out of print in the original. We’ve long been fans of Pinckney Benedict and published his work in issues 2 and 3 of TBR. To coincide with this new Catalan release we’d like to present a favorite selection from the collection which we’re sure you’ll enjoy; the Catalan translation appeared in our last issue.

Our "Pick from Back Issues" is Scottish writer Anne Donovan whose delightful story "Hieroglyphics" appeared in issue 20 of TBR. Canongate Books, U.K., has just released Donovan’s collection of the same name which comes highly recommended by TBR. If you missed the story last year, catch it now.

Michael Ondaatje was in Barcelona not long ago for the presentation of his novel Anil’s Ghost in both Spanish and Catalan translation. He asked to speak with the translators - both a part of our TBR crew - and they were very pleased to meet him for a conversation about his work and the difficulties and rewards of translation. Interesting to read that he didn’t know the character of Kip from The English Patient was going to be there until he just turned up in a scene; and the same with Gamini in Anil’s Ghost.

The TBR quiz this issue is on James Baldwin. Give it a try and read/reread some of his essays to see just what a master of the craft he was. Last issue’s James Ellroy Quiz was won by Emma Willis from Hampshire, U.K. with a very close second by Russ Peacey from Gloucestershire, U.K. Congratulations to them both on a boffo job.

For those readers who thought our "Barcelona Review Premium Elite" special was a serious offer, rest assured . . . it was not. We’d like to continue to see a healthy free flow of content on the Net - from The New York Times to The British Medical Journal to the many fine magazines and reviews on our Links page (and those we haven’t yet discovered) - and we hope that Salon magazine’s new policy of charging to view part of its content (Salon Premium) does not set a trend. Contributions, of course, always welcome.

Hope you enjoy our hot summer issue. We’ll be back around the first or second week of September. If you’d like to be notified when new issues are available, just click here and write "Subscribe" in the Subject Box.

Good reading to all,

Jill AdamsJill Adams, editor

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