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issue 27 November- December 2001

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The Barcelona Review: ganging up on youTBR 27
Welcome to issue 27. This time round we have fiction by Scottish writer Suhayl Saadi, whose story "Bandanna" follows a young boy who tries to turn his back on his Pakistani heritage – but, as his Glaswegian accent sprinkled with Urdu would indicate, it’s not so easy. From the U.S., the delightful writer of outcasts and outlaws, James Carlos Blake, offers a short portrait of "la vida loca" on the Tex-Mex border; while Patricia Duncker from Wales (author of Hallucinating Foucault) focuses on the tribulations of a shaky marriage. And from Ireland Chris Reid glimpses an on-the-dole bloke who’s trying to think positively, while American writer Karen Seashore from Idaho views the relationship of a young couple in the backwoods. It’s a diverse collection of sharp and engaging fiction, which we hope you’ll enjoy.

Short Fiction

Suhayl Saadi

James Carlos Blake
La Vida Loca

Patricia Duncker
Death Before Dishonour

Chris Reid
Scorin' for Ireland

Karen Seashore

Picks from Back Issues

Dorothy Speak
The View from Here

Javier Marías
Fewer Scruples


Review of em three

Film Festival of Catalunya:
Japanese anime


Joyce Carol Oates

Answers to
Virginia Woolf Quiz

Book Reviews

The Sweetest Dream
by Doris Lessing

by Steve Aylett

Translated Accounts
by James Kelman

Our "Picks from Back Issues" include Canadian author Dorothy Speak , whose short story "The View From Here" is one of our all-time favorites and has proved a hit with readers; and from Spain, we bring up a story by Javier Marías, one of the best-known names in his country.

Two articles this issue: a review of em three, an exciting third edition of a fiction mag from the U.K. that comes with new music as well (CD velcroed to the book); and a look at two new Japanese anime films recently shown at the Film Festival of Catalunya.

No winners on our Virginia Woolf Quiz last issue, but close calls from Jo Bennie and Ezra Mark. This issue’s quiz is on Joyce Carol Oates. Give it a try; a free book goes to the winner.

Be sure to check out book reviews and have a look through TBR archives - over four years’ worth of some of the best international contemporary fiction around. If you’d like to be informed when new issues are available, just click here and write "subscribe" or "qué pasa" in the Subject Box. We’ll be back around the first week of January. In the meantime, read and enjoy . . .

Jill Adams, editor Jill Adams
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Ken KeseyWe'd like to dedicate this issue to Ken Kesey.
Apart from the obvious books by Kesey, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe is essential reading to get a feel for the early life and times of this merriest of Merry Pranksters.
We'll miss you Ken...
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