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issue 29  

International Review of Contemporary Fiction

March - April 2002

 The Barcelona Review. Issue 29. World Book Day. April 23 - Buy a book and a rose!

Welcome to our World Book Day issue - the big day arriving April 23rd where in Barcelona El dia de Sant Jordi is also celebrated. Book stalls and rose sellers line the streets in a colorful festival that boasts a roaring book trade. It’s become more commercial by the year - and you can barely walk on the Ramblas after noon - but at least it’s books that are being touted and it’s divine to be surrounded by so many. TBR would like to offer some special fiction to mark the occasion: we are pleased to present another story by Michel Faber of Scotland whose internationally acclaimed novel Under the Skin has just appeared in Spanish translation (Bajo la piel) - a good choice for a Sant Jordi Day gift. From Scotland as well, we have a delightful story of a lesbian couple by Jackie Kay who won over critics and readers alike with her latest collection. And from the U.S. Mark Winegardner, author of Crooked River Burning (arguably the best novel to come out of America in 2001), offers a fun and manic story about a burned-out sports DJ in small-town Florida. Also from the U.S., we’re delighted to present new writer Jean Harfenist, who takes us back to 1968 when the trendy drug of choice was an easily available pharmaceutical.

Our Pick from Back Issues is Thomas Glave’s "Whose Song?," a moving and powerfully lyrical piece giving insight into the minds of three black rapists. David Lynn, editor of Kenyon Review, cites Glave as "one of the finest and most important new voices on the American literary scene." Don’t miss this bold, new talent.

Our interview this issue is with Michel Faber, who speaks of his two latest novellas, Under the Skin, his short fiction, and various other topics we put to him, such as America’s ‘war on terrorism’ and the ever expanding Bertelsmann publishing monopoly.

No winner for our Joyce Carol Oates quiz, which was admittedly a difficult one. Many thanks to all those who gave it a whirl and did amazingly well. Click here to read the answers.

Have a look at our book reviews and check out the Editors' World Book Day Recommendations.

Hope you enjoy our offering. Drop us a line and let us know your thoughts . . . . and remember: if you’d like to be notified when new issues are available, just click here and write 'Subscribe' in the Subject Box; your name will not be used for any other purpose.

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Good reading to all.
Jill Adams
Jill Adams, editor

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*The orginal photo used in the main image above and in the Faber story was taken by Jim Tynan

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