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issue 34

International Review of Contemporary Fiction

Jan - Feb 2003

Louise Erdrich is well-known for her award-winning, compassionate, and comically inventive novels set in North Dakota depicting an eccentric array of American Indians (on and off the rez) and Euro-American townspeople, who together form the large cast of characters that run - not always in chronological order - throughout her work. Often, they are capable of drastic transformation. In the tenderly erotic 'Naked Woman Playing Chopin: A Fargo Romance' we find a young Agnes DeWitt. Although it is not relevant to this story, it is fun to note that readers familiar with Erdrich's work will know Agnes by the name she is to become . . . Father Damien.

G.K. Wuori (Nude in Tub and The American Outrage) is another writer known for his collection of offbeat characters. His setting is the fictional town of Quillifarkeag, Maine - 'a U.S. protectorate tucked like a bug between the buttocks of Quebec on one side and New Brunswick on the other' (see 'Murder' and 'Madness' from issue 13 of TBR). We're far from Quillifarkeag in 'You're Stanley Now,' but this latest story - a fractured parable of the immigrant experience - contains the same dark and quirky humor that is the author's trademark style.

Award-winning short fiction writer Julie Orringer presents a disturbing piece about a six-year-old child who is left in the care of her young, drug-dazed aunt while her mother is attending a conference. The author hints at depths beneath the surface of the characters, leaving us with a poignant and thoughtful story.

Richard Manchester Potter's 'Digui, Digui' (meaning 'Speak, Speak' in Catalan) is about a young American expatriate in Barcelona, who, like so many before him, finds himself struggling to make ends meet by teaching English while doing battle with the local language in his free time. The narrator's wry observations set the tone and his spot-on description of a certain local supermarket is a riot.

Alicia Erian (U.S.) and Sahayl Saadi (Scotland) are the selected authors in our 'Picks from Back Issues.' Erian's delightful story will make you laugh and Saadi's piece, about the confused identity of a young Pakistani-Scottish boy in a local gang, is sharp and insightful.

We had 10 winners for our Children's Lit Quiz, the most winners we've ever had for any one quiz. They are: Robert Good, Graeme Bingham, Val Kirk, Dawn Thornton, Sue Wontroba, Diane Dubay, Mary Watson, Susan McInnes, Christina McDowall and David Dunlap. (Click here for the answers.) We had to draw a name for the prize of 30 euros at Amazon. That went to Graeme Bingham. Thanks to all who participated. This issue's quiz is on Graham Greene, so jump in and have a go.

Book reviews include the latest by Matthew Stokoe (author of Cows), which won over our reviewer even though he almost lost his lunch at one point; and new author Brian Littlefair scored high as well with his debut novel Desert Burial. Eric McCormack's The Dutch Wife, also recommended, tops up the list.

Not everyone is aware of the fact that all of our previous story selections are available in TBR archives - that's five-and-a-half years of choice fiction. Authors are listed alphabetically, so drop by and have a look at our list. All other content is also available.

Hope you enjoy our latest offerings. Be sure to let us know. We’ll be back around mid-March with our next issue. If you'd like to be notified when new issues are available, just send us an e-mail with 'subscribe' in the subject box.

Jill Adams
  Jill Adams, editor


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