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Laura Hird  


Laura Hird lives and works in Edinburgh. Nail and Other Stories is her first collection of stories to be published although her writing has appeared in numerous magazines both in Britain and abroad. She has just submitted a 13,500 word novella Hope for inclusion in the forthcoming sequel to Children of Albion Rovers - probable publication September 1998. She is currently working on a novel for Rebel Inc due out December 1998.

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Laura Hird vive y trabaja en Edimburgo. Nail and other stories es su primera antología publicada, aunque sus trabajos han aparecido en numerosas revistas en el Gran Bretaña y en otros países.

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Laura Hird viu i treballa a Edimburg. Nail and other stories és la seva primera antologia publicada, malgrat els seus escrits han aparegut a nombroses revistes de la Gran Bretanya i en d'altres països.