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Haruki Murakami QUIZ ANSWERS


Haruki Murakami

Know why that guy sat so long in the well?  What music the author likes to run to? Test your trivia knowledge of the works of Haruki Murakami.    

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Before turning to writing full-time, Murakami ran a jazz club called . . .
a. Tokyo Blues
b. Cat Blue
c. Peter Cat
d. Cat Raymond


Murakami says the instant he knew he was going to write a novel was while watching . . .
a. a baseball game
b. an unknown American blues singer
c. the Tokyo marathon
d. a cat fight


The author’s first critical success, A Wild Sheep Chase, follows the apathetic protagonist on a hunt for a sheep, and while on this adventure he meets a woman with magically seductive . . .
a. ears
b. toes
c. fingers


n Norwegian Wood, protagonist Toru Watanabe reminiscences about two very different women in his young life.  The one who will take her own life is . . .
a. Momoko
b. Naoko
c. Rinko
d. Midori


Which of these books is NOT mentioned in Norwegian Wood . . .
a. Beneath the Wheel
b. The Magic Mountain
c. The Centaur
d. Steppenwolf
e. The Great Gatsby


In The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle Toru Okada lowers himself to the bottom of a neighbor’s well when . . .
a. his cat disappears
b. his wife leaves him
c. he loses his job


The person who calls Toru “Mr. Wind-Up Bird” and who will take the ladder from the well, leaving him stranded for three days, is . . .
a. May Kasahara
b. Creta Kano
c. Malta Kano
d. Kumiko


One of the themes Murakami addresses in The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is . . .
a. the incarceration of Japanese POWs
b. the internment of Japanese Americans
c. Japanese war crimes in occupied Manchuria


In Kafka on the Shore young Kafka runs away from home and ends up in a private library where he spends his days reading the collected works of Natsume Sōseki and . . . 
a.  The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire
b. The Arabian Nights
c. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes


The cat-killer in Kafka is . . .
a. Colonel Sanders
b. Ronald McDonald
c. Johnnie Walker


  . . . and his reason for killing the cats is to . . .
a. transport them to an alternate reality
b. save their souls
c. appease a higher order
d. feed his Pit Bull


Kafka’s Walkman does NOT contain . . .
a. Prince
b. Radiohead
c. Cream
d. Duke Ellington
e. Red Hot Chili Peppers


Murakami’s lesbian novel would be . . .
Spuntnik Sweetheart


And in this novel Sumire, a reader of scientific novels, decides her lesbianism must be linked to . . .
a. elongated thigh bones
b. a small bone in her ear
c. flat feet
d. an oversized left kneecap


In Underground, Murakami’s non-fiction work in which he interviews victims of the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, one thing learned was that almost half of the female interviewees mentioned being regular victims on the subway of chikan (of which none ever attempted to report to authorities), which is  . . .
a. groping of women by male commuters
b. verbal abuse of women by male commuters
c. purse snatching by teen gangs
d. obscene gestures by young men 


In the short story “Super-Frog Saves Tokyo”  a man-size, upright frog mysteriously appears in a man’s apartment one evening and says together they must fight ________________who lives in the earth below Tokyo.
a. Fish
b. Snake
c. Mole
d. Worm


From the short story collection Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman there is a female character who was robbed by a monkey. The monkey stole her . . .
a. caller ID number
b. nametag
c. pager
d. birth certificate


In What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, Murakami mentions two albums he likes to run to. They include The Rolling Stones’ Beggars Banquet, and . . .
a. The Chemical Brothers’ Surrender
b. The Clash’s London Calling
c.  Eric Clapton’s Reptile


In which one of the following cities has Murakami NOT run a marathon?
a. Barcelona
b. Boston
c. New York
d. Athens


Murakami’s writing inspired the making of which film?
a. Jim Jarmusch’s Ghost Dog
b. Sophia Coppola’s Lost in Translation
c. Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Babel


Which band claims its music is inspired by Murakami?
a. Flaming Lips
b. Radiohead
c. Portishead
d. Juliette Lewis and The Licks


Which of the following authors has Murakami NOT translated into Japanese  . . .
a. Raymond Chandlerbookcover
b. Raymond Carver
c. Philip K. Dick
d. F. Scott Fitzgerald
e. John Irving
f. Truman Capote
g. Ursula K. Le Guin


In Murakami’s most recent novel to be translated into English, After Dark, taking place in the course of a dark night in Tokyo, a deep feeling of unease involving technology permeates the novel and is expressed at one point by a . . .
a.computer that types its own text
b. telephone that picks up sinister conversations from unknown persons
c. TV that locates the viewer in the set
d. discarded mobile delivering threats to passers-by


Which of Murakami’s novels is due for film release in 2010?
Norwegian Wood


In recent interviews Murakami has said his newest book, 1Q84, selling up a storm in Japan, and due out in English translation in 2011, was inspired by George Orwell and . . .
a. Manga characters
b. the Aum Shinrikyo cult of the sarin gas attacks
c. the phenomena of school killings in the U.S.
d. the new wave of Islamic fundamentalists