Test your knowledge of 15 relatively recent Nobel Prize Winners for Literature.  No one obscure, big names all.  Identify each one, and you’re in the running to receive a 30-euro (£25 / $40) gift certificate to spend at Amazon; in case of a tie, a name will be drawn. Deadline:  Dec. 15, 2010

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Name the Nobel Prize-Winning author:

1. In this popular novel, later made into film, an unnamed country is stricken with a mysterious plague of "white blindness."

2. Most readers best know this author for his novel featuring a character who vows never to grow up, and indeed stops growing at age three.


3. He adapted his best known plays to film, as well as writing screenplays based on other writers’ works.  Also known for his activist politics, he once called Tony Blair a “deluded idiot.”

4. Many of his earlier works feature an unreal Arcadian setting, cut off from the rest of the country, full of grotesque characters, and depicting pairs of brothers.

5.  One of this author’s most widely read novels was adapted to film, starring John Malkovich.

6. Her oeuvre is huge and even includes a cycle of science fiction novels.      

7. Like George Orwell, he fought with the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War until he became disillusioned and went on to write highly critical pieces on totalitarianism and Stalin. 

8. This author, too, fought in the Spanish Civil War, but on the side of Franco, to whom he remained loyal, going on to become a state censor (though some of his own work was censored), and a spy for the Spanish Gestapo. His best known work contains more than 300 characters.

9.  She took us into the heart of pre-Civil Rights America.


Human beings suffer,
they torture one another,
they get hurt and get hard.
No poem or play or song
can fully right a wrong
inflicted or endured.

11.  His most recent novel portrays a man obsessed with collecting the artifacts    of his relationship with a young, lower-class shop keeper whom he objectifies.

12. In one of this author’s more recent novels, a mixed-race relationship between a  well-off white woman and an illegal black car mechanic from some unnamed Arab country works to highlight themes of displacement, economic exile, and migration.


My dear Telemachus
The Trojan War
is over now;  I don’t recall who won it.
The Greeks, no doubt, for only they would leave
so many dead so far from their own homeland.
But still, my homeward way has proved too long.
While we were wasting time there, old Poseidon,
it almost seems, stretched and extended space.

14. In one of his best-known novels, a line written on a woman’s body will cause her death: Esta cuca es mía.

15. Perhaps his best known work, at least in translation, is the author’s portrayal of the assassination of Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo, and its aftermath, from two distinct points in time: during and immediately after the assassination, and thirty years later.