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Fictional characters sometimes have double or multiple names, be it a nickname, a code name or a criminal alias. We also see fictional characters with fictional names based on real-life characters. Try to find The Name Behind The Name, all from novels published within the past 10 years.


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Name the characters who also had another name or names: 

1. He was born Nicholas Satterswaite, but changed it early on.
    Ross Lockhart from Zero K by Don DeLillo

2. Scott Murdoch / Jude Garrett / Peter Campbell; code-named:
    Pilgrim from I Am Pilgrim

3. What is the real-life name of the fictional Adan Barrera?
   Joaquín Guzmán; aka, El Chapo     

4. In the third installment of this series, she is known as the Mockingjay.
   Katniss Everdeen

5. Throughout most of the novel, this real-life character is simply referred to as the The Singer.
   Bob Marley      

6. She changes her appearance and starts her new life as Nancyimage, but her real name is . . .
   Amy Elliot-Dunne                   

7. His boarding school mates called him Skippy, but his real name was  . . .
   Daniel Juster

8. She goes by the name of Pip, but her birth name is . .  .
   Purity Tyler

9. As an adult, she goes by the name of Ani (Ah-nee), but her first name is really . . .

10. He goes only by the name of Russell, but is clearly the real-life character . . .
   Charles Manson  

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