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1. First serialized in The Saturday Evening Post, this classic Western novel by Charles Portis was adapted to film—twice.
True Grit

2. This Arkansas humorist writer coined the term “The Creation State” in his 1841 story “The Big Bear of Arkansas.”
Thomas Bangs Thorpe

3. Though she wasn’t born in Arkansas, this highly influential and famous writer wrote the first of seven volumes of autobiographies, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, about growing up in the state.
Maya Angelou

4. One of the bestselling American writers of the 20th century, this Arkansas native strayed from his usual genre by recounting his childhood in the 2001 novel A Painted House.
John Grisham

5. What is the name of the poetic form created by Verna Lee Hinegardner, which consists of 3 stanzas, 12 lines, and 60 syllables in the count of 8,4,4,4 8,4,4,4 8,4,4,4?

6. This Nobel Prize-winning poet wrote the bold and moving collection of poems entitled The Arkansas Testament.
Derek Walcott

7. Famous for his epic labyrinthine poem, The Battlefield Where The Moon Says I Love You, this Arkansas poet tragically committed suicide at only 29 years of age.
Frank Stanford

8. In 1976, this same poet began a small press called _Lost Roads Publishers_ , which fellow poet C.D Wright assumed reigns over after his death.

9. Considered to be a “genius” by Toni Morrison, she championed the publication of his short stories and poetry while an editor at Random House. Highly involved in the Civil Rights and Black Arts Movements, this writer even studied jazz with Sun Ra, before being tragically shot dead at 33 years old by the NYPD in 1968 for “mistaken identity.”
Henry Dumas

10. A founder of the University of Arkansas Press, this writer read at President Bill Clinton’s 1997 inauguration.
Miller Williams

11. What is the name of this writer’s Grammy award-winning daughter, named by TIME magazine as America’s best songwriter in 2002?
Lucinda Williams

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