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Swimming Pig # 1

C  o  n  t  e  n  t  s

short fiction

The Man Who Went Out for Cigarettes
Michael Knight

Tracing the Light of the Sun in an Empty Room Through an Open Window (A Prose Raga)
David Alexander

Threshold (original title: Umbral)
Juan Abreu

Bruce Lee and Me
Mary Warren

Marble (original title: Mármol)
Marcia Morgado


Raw Horse
With the Breakdown...
Popular Culture
Tim Turnbull's Poetry Quiz
Tim Turnbull


Barcelona: A year in the life of...
(updated) M.G. Smout

Book Reviews

Blind Items by Matthew Rettenmund
Stickleback by John McCabe
The Last Days by Andrew Masterson
Incubus by Anne Arensberg
Toyer by Gardener Mckay

Back Issues
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R   E   V   I    E   W

An International Review of Contemporary Fiction

issue eleven: mid-February - mid-April 1999

Welcome, readers and subscribers, to the BR’s 11th issue, now located at our new URL. This February/April we feature short fiction from five U.S. writers: "The Man Who Went Out for Cigarettes" by Michael Knight (also available in French); "Tracing the Light of the Sun in an Empty Room Through an Empty Window" by David Alexander; and "Bruce Lee and Me" from new writer Mary Warren. In translation we have two ‘hot’ offerings from Cuban Americans writing in Spanish: "Threshold" by Juan Abreu and a short short piece by Marcia Morgado. It’s a highly eclectic selection - from Juan Abreu’s luscious, erotic dreamscape à la Bataille and Morgado’s lustful ‘sex-scape’ to Alexander’s ‘prose raga’ of paranoid schizophrenia to the poignant realism of Knight and Warren - providing a tasty cross-section of 90s American fiction.

From the U.K. we have four poems by English poet Tim Turnbull whom we discovered in Gargoyle #41 and have been trying to track down ever since. It's to our delight that the search paid off.

Book Reviews are listed to the left. Michael Garry Smout was particularly taken with the "gospel noir" of Australian writer Andrew Masterson whose novel is due out any day in the U.S. and U.K. Last issue we ran a review on Uncle Petros and Goldbachs Conjecture, a Greek novel now in English translation. A few readers enquired where the book could be purchased, having tried both the U.S. and the U.K. Internet bookshops. Our apologies for the fruitless search. The tantalizing manuscript came our way through a Spanish publishing house, but has yet to find an English publisher. We wish it well and will keep you posted.

Hope you enjoy our offerings this issue. Send us your comments. We’ll see you next around mid-April with our special Sant Jordi/World Book Day edition and Nabokov Quiz.

Hasta la próxima,

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Jill Adams, Editor

For more information about the BR, conditions, etc. please see editor's page. For submission information please read our guidelines. If you would like to be informed when  new issues are available, you can subscribe - all for free - by sending a blank e-m@il to the BR with "Subscribe" or  "¿Qué pasa?" in the  Subject box and leave the message part blank. Your name will not be used for any other purpose.  For any other comments/questions, use a different Subject title.

back issues : Now well over a year's worth of short fiction, plays & interviews from such diverse talents as Douglas Coupland, Irvine Welsh, Pinckney Benedict, Scott Heim, A.M. Homes, Alan Warner, Poppy Z. Brite, Laura Hird, Elissa Wald, Jason Starr, Brian Evenson and new kids on the Net like William Cuthbertson, Aimee Krajewski, Jean Kusina, David Alexander, Lenny T and Victor Saunders. Essays include a look at bookcovers from the author's viewpoint and a year in the life of Barcelona, revised in this issue