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Anybody that follows The Barcelona Review knows that A.M. Homes is a favorite author.   Because she writes stories and books that make us feel good?  Uh, not exactly.  If Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes are your what you’re after, don’t even think of Homes.  If honest, edgy writing, intelligent prose, and thought-provoking narrative is more your style, then chances are you’ve already discovered her.  Test your knowledge here. The winner will receive a 30-euro (£20 / $30) gift certificate to spend at Amazon; in case of a tie, a name will be drawn. Deadline: Nov. 1, 2007

Competition is now over. To check the answers follow this link.


1.  A.M. Homes’ first novel, written at age 19, was about a . . .

a) young boy who discovers his father is a homosexual
b) father who discovers his son is gay
c) gay rent boy
d) father who has homosexual relations with his son

2. In a Country of Mothers, the woman who convinces herself she is Jody’s biological mother is Jody’s . . .

a) neighbor
b) English teacher
c) therapist
d) film director

3. The short story “A Real Doll” is about a young boy’s romance with . . various book covers of A.M. Homes

a) his sister
b) Barbie
c) Ken
d) Aeon Flux

4. The characters Paul and Elaine first appear in . . .

a) In a Country of Mothers
b) Music for Torching
c) “Adults Alone”
d) “Looking for Johnny”

5.  In which short story does a young woman try to inseminate herself by quickly collecting discarded condoms from young lovers on the beach?

6. Name the short story about ex-President Reagan and Nancy after Reagan has succumbed to Alzheimers?

7. In This Book Will Save Your Life, Richard Novak discovers his new Malibu neighbor is a famous . . .

a) porn star
b) quarterback
c) 60s personality
d) 70s rock star

8. Name the boy who commits a school killing (in a novel published three weeks before Columbine)?

9. Which of Homes’ novels was banned by W.H. Smith in England?

10. The character of the immigrant Anhil was . . .

a) an attendant at a spiritual retreat
b) the manager of a MacDonald’s
c) an employee at a convenience store
d) a donut-shop owner

11.  In her memoir The Mistress’s Daughter, Homes first sees her biological mother . . .

a) at a book reading
b) at the film premiere of In a Country of Mothers
c) at the Plaza
d) in a booth at Wendy’s

12.  The incarerated pedaphile in The End of Alice corresponds with . . .

a) a young boy who  is having relations with prepubescent girls
b) a young girl who is into even younger boys
c) an infatuated priest who wants to help him
d) a dog groomer

13.  For two years Homes was a writer and producer for the hit TV program . . .

a) Sex and the City
b) Deadwood
c.) The L Word
d.) Will and Grace

14. Homes wrote the film adaptation of one of her novels for Showtime, which aired in 2004 and won an Emmy Award for which actress?

15. In addition to writing, producing, teaching and editing, Homes is also a highly respected . . .

a) music commentator
b) botanist
c) sports columnist
d) art critic


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