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. . . and don’t we love to love them!  How well do you know your tarts?  Test your knowledge here.

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Name the wench:

1.  This saucy pilgrim proudly announces she’s been married five times—and did not behave so well in any of them.  An authority on marriage, she says she is.

2. As a servant girl, this little hussy bedded the boys, married one, and when he died, left her kids and set forth pretending to be a wealthy widow in order to attract men; she married five times, once to her brother.

3.  Her lover will eventually murder her, but in the meantime she’s a member of a gang of street urchins, tends bar, drinks heavily, and is a part-time prostitute.

4. She may have attended Miss Pinkerton’s Academy For Young Ladies, but she went on to work her way up the social ladder and spread her legs a lot to do it.

5. This Andaluz hot tamale drove her Basque lover mad, but he kept coming back for more.

6. When her marriage to a doctor proved boring, this gentlewoman took up with a young law student, then a wealthy landowner, and finally just swallowed arsenic ’cause no man filled the bill.
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7. Marriage to a senior government official in St. Petersburg was just plain tedious, so when this lady met the count, she got wet knickers.

8. Hubby was paralyzed, but there wasn’t much this carnal vixen didn’t do on the back forty with another, including a bit of anal.

9.  “Sir, you are no gentleman!” she protests to one of the men in her life, to which he replies, “And you, miss, are no lady!”  She wasn’t, either.

10.  Married life working in a California diner is a drag, so this hot wench secretly takes up with a handsome drifter who, like her, likes a bit of rough.

11. Her step-daddy thought she was all his, but the little tart was banging her school playwright all along.

I2. In one version, this enigmatic, disgraced woman got dumped by a sailor who returned to France and married another woman; what we know for sure is that she played hell with a certain young lady’s financé.

13. This young Brooklynite was 15 the first time she got laid, and after that, well, “getting laid was getting laid.”  

14. This unpublished poet, another woman stuck in an unfulfilled marriage, went after the “zipless fuck.”

15. She may have been a horny overweight klutz, but her big panties proved a turn on.


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