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Due to a server error that prevented the quiz form from being sent we are keeping this quiz running (it also appears in issue 74) until December 15 2011.


Test your knowledge of 10 Anglo-Asian Contemporary Novels.  No one obscure, big names all.  Identify each one, and you’re in the running to receive a 30-euro (£25 / $40) gift certificate to spend at Amazon; in case of a tie, a name will be drawn.


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Name the author and novel:

  1. To the mosque or an E-fueled rave?  Young Shahid battles for his identity as he is torn between Islamic religious roots and Western civilization, the one hard-core, intolerant and unwavering; the other, a drug-filled hedonistic London.

  2. In this novel the fair-skinned Indian protagonist, who can pass for white, is called Pran Nath at birth, becomes Jonathan Bridgeman and ends the book with no name.  

  3. Described as Irvine Welsh crossed with M.I.A, this novel, full of “txt” speak, portrays the struggles of young Asians living amongst London’s white ruling class.   Serve him right he got his muthafuckin face fuck'd, shudn't be callin me a Paki, innit.

  4. This Anglo-Scot Asian author’s first novel features Zaf—"that’s zed ay eff"—the midnight-to-six DJ on Radio Chandni, an Asian Community Radio station in Glasgow.

  5. It was her place to sit and wait. Even if the tornado was heading directly toward her. For her, there was nothing else to be done. Nothing else that God wanted her to do…. There was Chanu, who was kind and never beat her. There was Raqib [their son]. And there was this shapeless, nameless thing that crawled across her shoulders and nested in her hair and poisoned her lungs, that made her both restless and listless. What do you want with me? She asked it. What do you want? It hissed back. She asked it to leave her alone but it would not…. It listened quietly, and then burrowed deeper into her internal organs.

  6. This author’s serio-comic debut novel follows the fortunes of two families from Bangladesh and Jamaica who have fetched up in the melting pot of Willesden; featuring Jehovah's Witnesses, halal butchers, eugenicists, animal-rights activists and a group of Muslim militants whose organization goes by the acronym KEVIN.

  7. Our protagonist is "The only kosher Tamil in Surrey". He's a half-Jew, half-Tamil 15-year-old, with not much to do except happy slap and get drunk, go to school (sometimes), party, cycle around town, and "txt".  Fo' shizzle, m'nizzle

  8. This debut novel revolves around Meena, an English Punjabi girl, and her relationship with the white Anita as they grow up in the fictional  Midlands village of Tollington in the 1970s.

  9. Although a number of narratives and incidents in this novel revolve around Kashmir, the novel opens in Los Angeles, where Max Ophuls, a U.S. diplomat who has worked in the Kashmir Valley, is murdered by his former chauffeur.

  10. This memoir about growing up Pakistani and Muslim in modern Britain - the latter only really becoming an issue for the writer after 9/11 and the attacks on the London Underground – centers around how his life is entirely motivated and illuminated by popular music, specifically an almost religious devotion to Bruce Springsteen.

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