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Social Media in Literature    

Social Media:  We love it (sometimes), we hate it (often), but it is a part of our lives, no getting around it. Test your knowledge of how literature interacts with social media, and you’re in the running to receive a 30-euro (£23 / $33) gift certificate to spend at Amazon; in case of a tie, a name will be drawn. Deadline: Dec 31st, 2023


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Answer the following questions:
1. In which novel does the protagonist work for a powerful social media corporation called The Circle?

2. Which classic dystopian novel features a government-controlled media known as "The Ministry of Truth"?

3. In the book You the main character uses social media platforms extensively to stalk his obsession. Which social media platform is mentioned frequently?

4. The protagonist in Windfall receives a life-changing amount of money from a lottery ticket. Which social media platform does she use to document her experiences?

5. Name the short story that was published in a series of more than two hundred and eighty tweets in the course of a week, narrated by a young British teen.

6. In the novel Attachments, what is the main character's job that involves monitoring company emails, leading to him becoming intrigued by a particular employee's email exchanges?

7. Which dystopian novel features "parlor walls," large flat-screen televisions that serve as a precursor to today's social media?

8. What social media platform has more than 167 billion views, covering reviews and recommendations of favorite book titles, and this year inaugurated book awards, the winners being voted on by thousands of users.

9. In the novel American Gods, who is the goddess of social media, global content, and internet and information?

10.  A story is in the form of "mental dispatches" from a spy living in the Mediterranean area in the near future appeared on which social media platform?

11. In the novel One Second After, after a devastating electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event, communication is severely limited. What social media platform briefly emerges as a means of information exchange in the story?

12. In The Hate U Give, the protagonist uses social media to bring attention to the unjust killing of her friend. Which hashtag becomes a central element of the story's message?

13. The virtual world known as the OASIS in Ready Player One functions as both a game and a social platform. What do players use  (2 things) to access and interact within this virtual space?


14. In the novel The Nix, one character becomes an internet sensation for a politically charged incident involving throwing rocks. What is the character's online alias?

15. In Super Sad True Love Story, social media and technology have evolved to a dystopian extreme. What is the name of the device everyone carries, akin to a modern smartphone?

16. Nadine Gordimer can be found reading a short story on which social media platform?

17.  What are the two most popular social media platforms where can you create a photo /video or text story?


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